Supremely Successful Selling book by author Jerold Panas

Hard Cover/Nook/Kindle
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Supremely Successful Selling
Discovering the Magic Ingredient

You will meet 12 of the most successful salespeople in the country. You learn how to build relationships and keep them.  And how to keep prospects in your “hug.” Here are some of the lessons in the book.

The Four Es for Successful Selling
Moving Four Marbles
Integrity is the Mightiest Weapon
The Lesson the CEO of DuPont Taught Me
How the President of American Airlines Made Me Feel 10 Feet Tall
with His Phone Call
How to Get the Appointment
What the CEO of Lockheed Martin Taught Me About Listening
Why Mary Kay Says She Doesn’t Sell Cosmetics
How to Listen a Sale
How Melanie Sabelhaus Became the Number One Salesperson at
Sears Roebuck & Co. Selling Wigs

And that’s only the first 100 pages.  Wow!

Hardcover / Kindle

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Hardcover / Nook