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Born To Raise

Boardroom Verities


Finders Keepers

The First 120 Days

Fundraising Almanac

Fundraising Habits of Supremely Successful Boards

Making the Case

Mega Gifts (Revised)

Supremely Successful Selling

Wit, Wisdom & Moxie

It's a Wonderful Life

"After many years of reading your books and articles, I thought it was time to personally thank you for all that you have taught me. Your words of wisdom have helped to make my fundraising efforts successful."

- Diana Stanley
Development Director
The Salvation Army
Syracuse, NY


JEROLD PANAS is a frequent speaker at fundraising conferences and seminars. He is author of the all-time best selling book, Mega Gifts, now in its twelfth printing. His book, Boardroom Verities is acclaimed a resource that raises board membership and governance to inspirational new heights. ASKING is the largest selling book in our field. Over 100,000 copies have been sold to date.

Jerry has been professionally involved in fundraising and financial resource development for over forty years. In his books and articles, he combines this understanding and experience in with a special talent for strategic planning and volunteer development.

It’s been said for years that reading any of Jerry's books on fundraising changes you forever. Best-selling books like Mega Gifts, Born to Raise, Asking, and Finders Keepers have set the standard for what a how-to book about fundraising can be.


JEROLD PANAS is a regular contributor to professional journals and noted author. Panas contributes regularly to a front page feature in each issue of CONTRIBUTIONS. The magazine has the largest circulation of any in the field.

The Association of Healthcare Philanthropy recently cited him for the annual award for their most outstanding article. He writes frequently for a variety of professional journals and produces audio tapes for Teach'Em, the largest distributor of tapes in the nation.

Panas has four videos which are among the most popular in the field. Thousands have been used across the country.

Articles samples:

Work, Wisdom, Wealth & Wallop
Still the invincible standard for board excellence

The Marvel of the Gingham Dress
Don't be deceived by your donor's appearance

Anything is Possible
Lessons from the quintessential board member

The Horrid Ten
Here's why you didn't get the gift

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