"I was facinated at the depth and dreadth of Jerry's long storied career." -Speech attendee

"Mesmerizing! - Jerry's speech was over before I knew it." Workshop attendee

"One of the very best. My favorite of the session." -Speech attendee




What I've Learned in
40 Years of Fundraising

Fundraising Lure and Verities

In his forty years in the profession, Jerry has received numerous awards and citations. He is regularly asked how much he has raised in his campaigns. He has lost track, but he estimates it is somewhere north of $20 billion.

In this speech, all his experience cascades into a 4-hour session mixed generously with what he aptly called in one of his books— wit, wisdom, and moxie.

There are 41 bits and pieces of fundraising lure and verities. They cover board responsibilities, what motivates giving, what makes a great fundraiser, how to listen, and three dozen other inviolate canons of supremely successful fundraising.

It’s typically a 4-hour presentation, but Jerry can present this in less time to meet your time requirements.

Fasten your seat belts. It’s a thrilling and inspiring journey.


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