"Awesome as usual! What a kind, giving, wise soul you have."
-Workshop attendee

"As always, excellent." -Workshop attendee

"Truly inspiring. Fabulous. I could have listened to him all day; very important basic precepts covered in a way that really hits home." -Workshop attendee


Be The Best You Can Be

What Makes a Great Fundraiser

Jerold Panas is one of the nation’s most distinguished professionals in the philanthropic field. In this presentation, he discusses the factors, skills, and attributes which make a great fundraiser.

Dr. Panas shares an assessment made of 4000 men and women in fundraising. But the focus he presents are the insights based on depth interviews he had with 50 men and women he calls the greatest ones in the field.

The presentation explores the characteristics that are inherent in great fundraisers and those that can be learned. Sprinkled throughout the speech are personal glimpses of the work habits and fundraising strategies of people like Dr. Robert Schuller, Father Hesburgh, Boone Powell, Sr., and a dozen others— gleaned from the interviews.

Participants take an active part in the exploration of the most important factors and grade themselves on a field-tested questionnaire that will measure their own effectiveness.

There is also a segment on the proper and best use of a staff person’s time. You determine how you spend your time— and how you should for optimal results.

At first blush, it can be discouraging. But it’s a great learning experience.

The speech represents the focus of Panas’ popular book BORN TO RAISE. He is considered the most significant author in the field. He is also a stimulating and provocative speaker.

In this presentation, he cautions: “You will not agree with all my success-tenents, but I challenge you to come up with a better list.”


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