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The Magic Partnership

Making the Nonprofit Profitable

When Jerold Panas’ BOARDROOM VERITIES was published, it was acclaimed, “one of the most important books ever written regarding the role of board members in their institution. In a very special way which characterizes the writing of this author, it celebrates trusteeship. This should be considered required reading for every board member.”

In this presentation, Dr. Panas focuses on the most significant areas covered in the book. The speech deals with how staff and trustees can combine their efforts for the greatest possible success. He describes the synergism which can make this a truly Magic Partnership.

There is a discussion of the Seven Sins of trusteeship, and how to avoid them. This is counterbalanced with the twelve rules that make an outstanding trustee, and how your institution can assure a board that achieves the vision to make great things happen.

You learn what to look for in a trustee and understand the nine most significant qualities that transform a good board member into a great one, a good institution into a great one.

There is an examination of the 7 I’s that make an effective director. It is fail-proof.

Since its printing, BOARDROOM VERITIES has become a best-seller and regarded as one of the most significant books on trusteeship ever published. In order to develop the material, Jerry interviewed over 100 men and women who serve as trustees on the boards of a variety of nonprofit institutions. He uses this research to make this a vigorous and penetrating presentation.

Bring board members to the session. It will be a learning experience and inspirational. Your board embers will have renewed dedication.


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