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The Future Isn't
What It Used To Be

What's Happening in Philanthropy

In this presentation, Jerold Panas explores 27 areas of fundraising and philanthropy that will change dramatically in the next three years. Some sooner than that! He interprets how each will have an everlasting impact on philanthropy and the way you raise funds in the future.

These are exciting times to be in the business of fundraising. Panas’ thesis is that the future offers striking, wondrous potential. But what will be required are professionals who think smarter, work harder, plan bolder, and commit themselves with greater fervor and missionary zeal to the needs of their institutions.

It’s a wake-up call. But it’s a joyous and insightful journey. The presentation teems with actual stories, statistics that prove his points, and a stimulating presentation that makes it all come alive.

Some of the factors will surprise you. Panas points out that if you don’t act, the parade may pass you by.

It becomes quite evident, as he moves toward the close of the presentation, that there are two factors that stand-out as being the most consequential to designing a successful development program. He saves the best for last! And then, he goes from examination to implementation.

He doesn’t make it easy! But he does provide a platform from which to launch your future fundraising. It’s straight nuts-and-bolts that you can share with staff and board and put to immediate use.


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